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Hey folks,
Like most introverts, I hate talking about me, but I’ll try to give you a good mental picture of who I am and what my aims are.
First and most importantly I’m a father (14 years and counting) and husband (25 years and counting).
Everything after that is of about equal importance, but ‘Writer’ and ‘Publisher’ are probably the most important of those to you. After that we have certain things like ABAP (SAP) programmer, gamer, artist, crafter, Catholic, once upon a time trombone player (low brass kicks ass!), poor speller, and more. I also suffer with Depression and ADHD, though I have those largely under control now, but as a self-deprecating narcissist I’ll probably talk about those more than most people care. :)
Of least importance in my mind is that I’m a fat old hetero white male IMPOSTER . Most of those descriptors are pretty variable however. I’m working on the fat part (as always), and the older I get the more I see age as subjective. I mean, I still think and feel like a 20 year old much of the time. Maybe 30. My body however tends to remind me that my 40th birthday was a while ago, however. That only proves that age isn’t entirely subjective.
The imposter part? Man, that’s a hard one to buck. Logically I know Imposter Syndrome has little to nothing to do with skill and instead is all about being neurotic - which I am … in spades. So I fight it. I suffer with it. I will overcome it, and hopefully if you suffer too, maybe we can help each other.
I’ve returned to my dream of becoming a writer after almost thirty years. I once blamed a single individual for ‘ruining my dream,’ but in reality for who I was then he was probably right. I’d rather think back and say that I am grateful that someone helped me wait for when the time was right. It was my decision after all, as no one other than you can really make you do anything.
In the near thirty years since I first abandoned my dream, I’ve languished as a failure, got married, raised a family, managed pizza delivery and comic book shops, taught myself to program, and become a successful application developer in the corporate world all while never graduating from college and suffering on and off with depression. A few years ago, I got treated for my depression, and then after two years of getting it under control my psychiatrist suggested we do something about my ADHD - something I informed her that I never knew I had.
“Oh boy,” she said. “Yeah you do.”
Looking back, the ADHD explained a LOT about choices I’ve made that confused even me after the fact.
To buy the lede, I’m writing novels and the occasional short story. My wife and I have formed 9739 Publishing LLC to support our indie book sales, and we are working on all sorts of merchandise.
My first three novels are urban fantasy set in early 1800’s Paris following an orphaned girl turned ghoul as she tries to regain control of her (un)life. I envision a whole universe that these novels take place with stories spanning the 1800’s to today.
I also plan to write several works of standard fantasy as well starting with a story about a lizardman wandering the world looking for adventure. There will be magic, sword fights, martial arts, angry wenches, and dragons. That said, I don’t intend to stick to many traditional setting rules. My magic is a little different than you might expect, my angry wenches more capable of breaking your arm, and my dragons don’t necessarily come in the scaly lizard looking varieties.
Supporting me here will help my dreams come true, though honestly I plan to do it regardless. Instead of a pure financially driven aim, my goal here is to give people a place meet and interact with me and each other. I hope this will be more of a hub than a store.
For those wishing to support me however, I will (eventually) offer exclusives and/or early releases of stories or merch from the 9739 shop.

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